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Mission & Vision

Where did the name Zweat come from?

Zweat finds its humble origins within the realms of Sweat. We believe in the fun side of sweat, a very liberating activity. We believe that the future of athletics is not about being there first, but showing up most often /p>

What are the core values of the brand?

Boldly Unconventional. Zweat is a honest brand that is always up for challenging the status quo and strives to set new standards every time. It is this honesty combined with boldness that spurs Zweat onto an unconventional path in the Fitness world, filled with determination to commit the right things to our consumers.

What is the vision of Zweat?

To make athletics seamless, calorie burn fun, rechristen the word Exercise to Recreation. We aspire to get more people in the fitness bandwagon by inspiring them to pick up fitness in their pace, shape and form.


What are the unique design features of Zweat?

At Zweat, there are two things that drives us on a daily basis. The first one, Product and ofcourse the second one, Product. Zweat's product philosophy is built on three pillars, Fabrics, Comfort and Features. While we get down to conceive and build gear that makes activity seamless for you, we make a rain check for atleast two features that can be, what we call as, Brag-worthy for our users. We continue to tour around the world in search of fabrics idea for an activity heavy lifestyle.

What if your design doesn't deliver performance?

The entire team at Zweat operates with a 'Product first' philosophy. Every gear designed at Zweat goes through rigorous testing before it hits the store. We stand for what we offer and if that doesn't meet your expectations, we are happy to listen to your issues and send you a new gear as a compliment for helping us get ahead in the game.

What are the benefits of your fabric?

Zweat identifies & partners with the best factories across the globe which specialise in activewear fundamentals like sweat management, quick dry and a lot of other similar properties. We also make sure that the factories we choose to work with have the drive to innovate with a customer-centric approach. Mentioned below are the benefits of owning & donning a Zweat product:

Antimicrobial: Fabric treatment that reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus, preventing excessive odour buildup between washing.

Breathable Mesh: Panels and insets that increase comfort and ventilation by allowing excess heat to escape from the garment.

Compression Fabric: Performance-enhancing fabric with a tight fit that provides muscle support and fatigue reduction. Breathable Mesh , Panels & Insets that increase comfort and ventilation by allowing excess heat to escape from the garment.

DWR: Durable Water Repellent. A coating added to fabrics to repel external water sources.

Flat Lock Seams: Sewing technique that creates a perfectly flat seam to reduce chafing and increase seam strength.

Four-Way Stretch: Knit or woven fabric offering multi-directional stretch in a wide range of motion.

Moisture Wicking: A UniquePerformance fabric trait that improves comfort by drawing sweat away from the body and transferring it to the fabric's outer surface, where it can evaporate.

Reflectivity: A garment that includes light-reflecting trim to enhance visibility and safety at night or in low light.

Removable Cups: Soft padded inserts that add shape or can be removed for comfort or extra room.

Seamless: Garments constructed without sewn seams to reduce irritation during vigorous activities and improve overall comfort against the skin.

Seam-Sealed: Leak-proof treatment that uses either seam tape or seam-sealing glue applied over stitching to keep out external water sources.

UPF: Ultraviolet protection factor. A measure of a garment's ability to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Waterproof: Garment made with performance fabric and sealed seams, rendering it completely impenetrable by external water sources.

Water-Resistant: Garment that repels moderate exposure to external water sources.


What size should I order?

Helping you identify the right fit is our utmost priority. Sizing chart is available on product page. Our hassle free returns policy allows you as a consumer to order multiple sizes and just return back the sizes you don't need!

Incase you are in between sizes our general advice is this: Size up if you want a roomier fit; size lower if you want a snugger fit. If you don’t trust charts, write to us at with your height, weight, body type and snugness preference and we’ll help you figure out the right gear.

Do you have a size guide?

Yes, the size guide is available on our product page in order to help your with your sizing concerns during purchase at Also constant investment & innovation is done to add new products to our repertoire of offerings in order to serve you better!

If the size I ordered doesn't fit, how do I get the actual sized product?

You can order multiple sizes and just return back the sizes you don't need, a task made easier by our hassle free returns policy. Besides, our team is ever willing to help you with the right fit

Ordering & Shipping

What payment methods does Zweat accept?

Customers have four payment options:

1.Cash on Delivery (COD): COD option is available for payments within India. If you chose a COD option, we have a Rs. 40 convenience charge. (This is to discourage people from randomly ordering stuff and then cancelling). COD is only a payment option; customers are required to make the full payment for their order before they open the package. A product once ordered and confirmed for is final. COD products cannot be tried or returned at the point of delivery. COD is not valid for a “try and buy”.

2.Direct Bank Transfer (Net Banking): We accept Net-banking with over 40 major banks.

3.Credit/Debit Cards: We accept all major Indian Credit/Debit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Maestro)

4.Mobile wallets: We accept payments through Paytm & Freecharge

I have a question about my order, what should I do?

Get in touch! Drop us an E-Mail at or give us a ring at 9903547435.

We’re here 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We’re happy to answer questions about Orders, Order Modifications, Shipping, Returns, & Cancellations…and pretty much anything else you can throw at us.

Plus, we’re nice and somewhat fun. Promise!

Can I change/cancel my order?

We process orders quickly, so we’ll do our best to help you with any changes or cancellations before Zweat starts making moves. Send us a note as soon at possible at You can also give us a ring at 9903547435 between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

When will my order ship out?

We ask for 1-2 business days for our team to pack & ship your full order. Orders placed for before 2:00 PM will ship that evening, order volume permitting. Orders placed after 3:00 PM on Friday—or over the weekend—will ship on Monday. If you want to double-check on your order status, send us a note at or give us a call at 9903547435.

How long does it take for my order to get delivered?

Orders once placed usually leave our warehouse within 1-3 business days and takes 4-5 days to get delivered. If you are based in a metro city, you can expect it even faster. We are currently working on our express delivery model where you can expect the order in the same day/next day.

How do I know the status of my order?

You can login to your account & check the status of the order under the my orders section.

What if I receive the product in damaged condition?

If you have received a product in a bad condition or if the packaging is tampered with or damaged before delivery, please refuse to accept the package and return the package to the delivery person. Also, please call our customer care at +91-9903547435 or email us at mentioning your Order ID as the subject. We will ensure that a brand new replacement ( subject to availability ) or credit note is issued to you. Please make sure that the original product tag and packing is intact when you send us the product back.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry. Zweat does not ship orders internationally neither are we accepting credit cards with international billing addresses, at the moment.

Can I send Zweat products as gift?

Of course yes, there is an option during checkout to gift-wrap the order. Since you made an effort to send a thoughtful gift to your loved one, we won't charge you for the gift wrapping!

Returns & Exchanges

What are your returns/Exchange policies?

A 30 day post-purchase window is provided to accept returns on all unworn, undamaged items. Please do your best to remove lint and deodorant marks before returning, and leave tags in place. A quick try-on is cool—however we advise against wearing our gear for a try out in the spin class and a long run. If your order is damaged upon arrival or otherwise structurally fails, please contact our team at We will gladly accept these items back and work with you on a replacement or other solution.

Your Zweat gear is made to last.

How do I start a return/Exchange?

To start a Return or Exchange, you can find us at and enter your email. An email will be sent that links to your order history — from there, you can select which items you're sending back and print a prepaid return label. For exchanges, you can try a new color / size for any style when selecting which items you’re sending back. This is based on available inventory. We’ll ship the new color / size right away!

How do I track my refund status?

You can email us at with your order ID to know about your refund status.

Manufacturing & Sustainability

Where do you make your gear?

Currently, Zweat manufactures in India and China, also we are evaluating options in China, Indonesia and Vietnam. To select our Indian and overseas partners, we prioritise quality, compliance to worker's safety, fair wages and benefits, and dedication to minimising environmental impacts such as water waste and air emissions.

How do you ensure Zweat products are ethically produced?

Even before a single pair of leggings is crafted at Zweat, our partners agree to abide by our vendor code of conduct. On par with industry leaders in sustainability and social compliance, we support places where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours. Our team visits each factory and mill in person and we have a few friends (auditors) local to each factory. They love to "drop in"unannounced. Start to finish, we aim for Zweat to have a positive impact on the people and resources that bring our gear to life.

Are your materials/Fabrics sustainably produced?

Zweat works with specialists around the globe to develop high quality, made-to-sweat-in textiles. While activewear has a track record for being tough to produce and recycle, we're passionate about finding ways to manufacture our materials and styles more sustainably. We'll continue to innovate and create more sustainable gear as we grow and learn!

What is Zweat doing to help the planet?

Zweat offers reusable shopping bags in-store, urging employees to use public transit, bike shares and to avidly recycle. When it comes to product, we aim to plan our assortment just-right so we don't create excess products or waste. Plus, our gear is designed to last—a longer lifespan.

Our goal being to keep Zweat in your gym bag and out of landfills.

Discounts & Promotions

How do I add a discount or promotion code?

Have a discount? Awesome! You can add it to your order when moving through checkout. There will be a box on the right side of the screen above your order's subtotal. Enter the code and your total will reflect the new amount. Our website allows one discount code per order. If you have multiple discounts, save one for your next order or send it to a friend. Doing things is better together. Discount codes are only applicable to "discountable" items. Exclusions include Gift Certificates, Kits, third party merchandise, and other items.

Why isn't my discount code working?

Trouble with discount codes is commonly caused by expiration dates or what's in your shopping cart. Double check if the code you received has any restrictions, like a price hurdle or expiration date. Discount codes are also only applicable to "discountable" items. Exclusions include Gift Certificates, Kits, third party merchandise, and other items.Code still not working? Email our team at, we can help troubleshoot from there!

Do you have a discount for amateur fitness enthusiasts?

Yes! Zweat is all about “moving your body to move your mind” — using activity to relieve stress, spark new ideas, and spend time with your counterparts. We exist for those who aspire to be fit on a daily basis. If you are an active marathoner who ran more than two marathons, yoga enthusiast with a certificate or a regular to the gym, please share your your certificates/Instagram IDs to our social team at social@zweat.into receive personalised coupon codes.

Other stuff

How do I stay up to date?

Hear about the latest events and new recruits through Zweat’s email newsletter. Also catch us on Instagram @zweatactivewear

What do I do if something I like is out of stock?

Something caught your eye & you click your size—it’s sold out… Bummer! Enter your email into the box that pops up in place of “Add To Bag,” we’ll let you know as soon as your style/size in back in stock. Aside from our core colors—we will have seasonal colors/styles. These items don’t always restock, so feel free to reach out to our team to double check or get an ETA.

Do you have Zweat gift cards?

Oops, we are currently working on it!

I'd like to be a whole sale partner of Zweat, what do I do?

We are currently closed for wholesale distribution as we focus our efforts on Zweat’s digital channels. We appreciate your interest and hope you’ll stay in touch as we grow our online & in-store communities!